What scale should I buy?

What scale should I buy? What brand of scale is good? This may be a question that comes up again and again for different businesses! Before buying a digital scale, its features and features should be checked well, and finally, we should choose the best option based on the amount of budget considered for the purchase of the scale and also the type of our business. Join us to review the features of a good scale.

What are the characteristics of a good digital scale?
The most important criterion that engages the minds of customers when buying a digital scale is the useful life of the device, the accuracy of the scale and the capabilities that meet their expectations in terms of weighing. Obviously, having information in these cases is not ineffective when choosing the type of scale. Below we will discuss the most important features of a good digital scale:

Accuracy of digital scale: Accurate weighing measurement is the main task of digital scale, so high and standard accuracy is one of the most important features of a scale that should be considered when buying.
High strength: The digital scale must have high strength against heavy weights, shocks, etc.
Battery: The scale battery must be well charged and able to hold a charge for a long time. Because many jobs are mobile and battery is a priority for them.
Light weight: the industrial digital scale has light weight for easy transportation.
Warranty: The digital scale has a valid warranty. That means, unconditionally, before the end of the warranty period, if the scale has any problems, the manufacturer will take over.
After-sales service: scale has fast and reliable after-sales service throughout Iran.

What scale should I buy?
In general, we should know that the purchase of a weighing scale should be in accordance with the customer’s working conditions, because the body of the device, the quality and the external structure of the weighing scales are different, and you should choose the desired device according to the class and working conditions. It should be noted that one of the most important points to consider when selling digital scales is to buy them from reputable stores. Some stores that sell industrial digital scales are not accredited, and for this reason, the life of your purchased scales is less than what you expect.

To answer the question, “Which scale should I buy?” It is necessary to know that each manufacturing brand offers any product for business, depending on the features, strength and accuracy of its scales, for example, the strong and well-versed team of Payam Tozin Mokrian offers some of its products for different businesses as follows has categorized:

Payam Tozin digital scale model TS200: for tools – food industry – material packaging – paint and resin industry – mobile business
Payam Tozin digital scale +TS300 model: for welding industry – wood industry – wholesales – buying and selling waste
TS100 digital Payam Tozin scale: for mobile supermarkets and fruit shops
TS1500 digital Payam Tozin scale: for fruit and vegetable fields – factories and workshops – gardeners and farmers – mines and livestock and poultry industries

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