تفاوت باسکول و ترازو

?Scales or Weighbridge

Scales or Weighbridge ?! What do you think is the difference between a scale and a Weighbridge? Stay with us until the end to find out this matter once and for all

The difference between scales and Weighbridge

The structure of the scale and Weighbridge exactly They are similar, that is, the work of both is to measure weight. In fact, the scale is used for light weighing, which has a high thermal accuracy, while the scale is used for heavy weighing, which has a lower thermal accuracy. In this video, the difference between scale and a scale is well explained:

What is a load cell?

Well, we were supposed to fully explain the load cell, let’s go together to read a full definition and explanation of the load cell. A load cell is actually a sensor or, more precisely, a transducer that converts the forces applied to an object into an electrical signal.
In the digital weighing industry, the most common use of load cells is to convert the weight of objects into electrical signals. In general, each load cell has a metal body on which strain gauges are fixed. This body is usually made of aluminum, alloy steel or stainless steel to have a little elasticity in addition to having high strength. This elasticity property in load cells is known as “spring element”.

When a force is applied to the spring element or the metal body, it causes a deformation which can be reversed as long as the overload is not applied to it. As soon as the spring element changes its shape, the strain gauges connected to it will also change its shape, and this change in the resistance of the strain gauges can be measured as voltage. The amount of change of this voltage is affected by the amount of weight of the load applied to the load cell, so it is possible to determine the weight of the object using this amount of voltage.

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