فروش آنلاین ترازو پیام توزین با فاکتور رسمی

Online sale of Payam tozin scale with official invoice

In case of customer’s request, “online sale of payam tozin scale with official invoice” is done. Payam Tozin Makarian Company will prepare an official invoice for all customers who buy products of this well-known brand online through the site and request an official invoice. Stay with us to explain the meaning and principles of the official invoice together:

What is an official invoice and what are its specifications?

Any document or writing that has a seal and signature and is delivered by the seller to the buyer as an invoice in a transaction. “Official invoice “ they say; Now, if these invoices are presented to the tax affairs organization by one of the parties, it is official and can create rights for the parties. In fact, the official invoice is an invoice that has the approval of the tax affairs organization.

Today, with the mechanization of financial and accounting affairs in businesses, many businesses use accounting software to issue invoices. In this way, businesses are able to automatically issue and print their desired invoices in various forms in the form of pre-invoice, official invoice, informal invoice, official surplus invoice, store invoice, personal invoice, etc.

Regarding the official invoice, it should be said that; All business units and producers subject to the value added tax system must provide an official invoice to their buyers; Therefore, the issuance of an official invoice is not related to the size or smallness of the business unit, and every buyer can request the issuance of an official invoice against the funds he has paid.

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