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The after-sales service of Payam Tazoin scales is one of the credits of this company, and this increases customer satisfaction day by day and ultimately adds to the long-term reputation of this scale and weighing scale company.

What is after-sales service?

After the price of the product, the only thing that was important to the customer was the after-sales service! It may seem simple, but doing after-sales service requires action, and this means that not everyone can handle the promise of after-sales service. Sometimes these services can be a simple way to encourage the user to buy the product, and most of the famous companies use the after-sales service as an excuse to justify the high price of their products.

The needs of the customers must be met so that they can spread positive words among the people because the customer’s satisfaction with the product or goods plays an important role in promoting the brand. In fact, after-sales service is a service that starts after the purchase of the product by the customer and will continue until the deadline set by the seller (in the weighing message, it is for life). Sometimes the seller will use this way to find a dissatisfied customer, and this is a fundamental aspect of sales management that should not be ignored.

After-sales service of Payam Tozin Makarian brand
Unconditional warranty of 14 months and presentation of a valid company card
Lifetime after-sales service
Training the correct use of the scale, which is the first step in the field of after-sales service, and can be done online, over the phone, or in person.
The technical services of the scale, at this stage, if the scale or scale has a problem, it will be replaced or repaired by the technical staff and agencies active in the country.

Note: Dear customers can enjoy specialized services by having the company’s valid warranty card and referring to sales agents and after-sales services throughout the country.

Repairs of digital scales at the customer’s place by Payam Tazein

The reason for the importance of after-sales service for Payam Tazoin company is customer satisfaction, customer retention, and ultimately creating loyal customers and increasing brand value. Therefore, this opinion has become a praiseworthy slogan by this brand that “unsatisfied customers are our biggest assets”. The technical services mentioned above are divided into three parts, which are:

Changing scales or scales
Replacing a piece or parts of a scale
Scale repair

The well-known Payam Tozin company has an experienced and experienced staff in the field of scale assembly, repair and troubleshooting, who are fully familiar with the scale parts and have complete information about the digital scale repair method. Digital scale repairs at the customer’s place is the best way to reduce the cost of the scale repairs for the customer, that’s why on-site scale repairs are of great importance for the weighing message.

After sales service = peace of mind after purchase

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