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Payam Tozin Mokerian Weighing Company, under the management of Mr. Soran Payami, started its activity in 2005 and reached full operation in 2008, relying on experienced and tested manpower and having advanced devices for the first time in Iran. It has produced all kinds of digital scales suitable for mobile business.

This company is proud to be one of the servants of this field along with the big players of this industry and to have a great contribution in improving the quality of products and meeting the real needs of consumers.

Features of Payam Tozin Weighbridge

High strength

Extremely high strength against high weights - blows and


The battery of Payam weighing products keeps the charge well and has a 6-month separate warranty from the scale

light weight

Light weight products for easy transportation


It has a 14-month unconditional warranty and repairs the scale without any charge


It has fast and reliable after-sales services throughout Iran

Standard seal

It has the national standard seal of Iran


Instant offers for you

Contact the support unit for more information about the products or request agency


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